Cadillac Pete Plastic Harmonica Stand and Holder        
  Secure pin mount sets up quickly to your mic stand

Plastic Cadillac Pete Harmonica Stands With Aluminum Case
Don't let anything get in the way of your music! When the music's in motion you have to maintain your cool
brother! Be in control and organized up on the band stand. Our compact harmonica stands mount easily and securely 
on any microphone stand (U.S. or European) via our patented pin mount system. Amateur or pro, have your
harmonicas organized, ready and within easy reach. Holds up to 12 diatonic and 4 chromatics, with 2 “hot slots”
so you can set up for quick key changes. Whether your music is blues, country, rock or jazz, Pete’sHarmonica
stands are perfect for band practice, gigs and jam sessions, you’ll wonder how your musicever lived without it!
Mic stand not included.
$99.95 With Case
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Jerry Pornoy Endorses Cadillac Pete Harmonica Stands and Holders